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Terrazzo Care Restoration Experts Inc, has been restoring Terrazzo Floors for over 20 years. We specialize in terrazzo restoration, marble floor cleaning, concrete polishing, grout cleaning and Mexican tile restoration.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing

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We can polish your floors back to new, we guarantee it! As seen on Ask This Old House.

The professionals for polishing terrazzo in Miami and South Florida

Having your terrazzo floors professionally polished restores them to their original high-gloss polish. If fact, utilizing the latest diamond grit discs our team can polish your terrazzo floors to a shine even better than they would have looked new! And because we use the latest polishing machines and techniques, your floors will retain their polish for years.

If you are lucky enough to have original terrazzo floors, don't trust them to just anyone. Have them polished by the team that was featured on "Ask This Old House" and have them done right!

Professional Terrazzo Polishing

We'll carefully apply tape and protective plastic to your walls and cabinets.
New Surface
Grind your floor with 120 grit metal honing discs using a planetary machine with counter spinning heads. This will remove the top layer of your dull terrazzo floor exposing virgin surface.
Hand Grinding
We'll then hand grind the edges and corners to ensure a consist surface.
Chips & Cracks
If your terrazzo has chips or cracks, we'll carefully drill out the holes, refill with matching marble chips, and grind the patch to match the surrounding terrazzo floor.*
Note: Patching terrazzo is an art that takes years to master. Don't trust this to a flooring company's sub-contractor. No two terrazzo floors are the same. Many different stones and binding agents are used to create terrazzo. Patching your terrazzo with a different stone or inferior binding agent will not match your existing floor. The Terrazzo Care Restoration craftsman who polishes your floor will be able to identify the exact stones originally used in your floor and will use those same stones if any patches are required. A bad patch job, can ruin a terrazzo floor. Quarter sized holes can be filled for as little as $2 per hole.View samples of our work.
Stain Removal
For severily stained terrazzo or floors with "ghosting" we offer an optional peroxide treatment that can be applied to your floor at this stage of the restoration for an addtional charge. Ask about it during your free terrazzo consultation.
6 Step Polishing
Once the virgin surface of your terrazzo floor is exposed and any damage is repaired, we'll continue polishing your floor with progressively finer diamond resin honing discs. This intensive process ensures that your floor is polished down to the microscopic level leaving no space for dirt to collect on the terrazzo floors surface. You'll be able to maintain this polish for years with a damp mop.
Step One: Continue grinding the entire floor surface with the diamond resin 50 grit honing disc.
Step Two: Continue grinding the entire floor surface with the diamond resin 120 grit honing disc.
Step Three: Continue grinding the entire floor surface with the diamond resin 220 grit honing disc.
Step Four: Continue grinding the entire floor surface with the diamond resin 400 grit honing disc.
Step Five: Continue grinding the entire floor surface with the diamond resin 800 grit honing disc.
Step Six: Polish with a compound polish to a high gloss.
Seal & Protect
Apply a penetrating sealer for stain protection.
Our team will then thoroughly clean up and remove the protective plastic. Typically at this point, the only thing brighter than shine on the newly polished terrazzo floor is the smile on the face of the homeowner when they see the results.

Unbelievable results is what we guarantee

You have our guarantee that Terrazzo Care Restoration will take no shortcuts, will not use "crystallization," waxes, coatings or other harsh caustic chemicals that will damage your terrazzo floor. Your floor will feel smooth, be slip resistant, and look beautiful and shiny.

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I can't express how happy I am with my newly restored terrazzo floors. Concepts exceeded all my expectations. Thank you! ~ KW, Miami FL

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